ReDEA Institute of Data Science is a Virtual Capacity Building and Training Institute offering both online and in-house practical courses and trainings to Individuals (students, professionals…), Organizations, Institutions, and Enterprises.

RIDS takes pride in building and improving skills in data collection, analytics, visualization, warehousing, machine learning, big data and programming for data science/engineering with a wide range of Tools.

Courses ranging from beginner, through intermediate to advanced are available.



Automation | Data Analysis | Visualization | ML | AI


Data Analysis | Visualization | ML | AI


Data Analysis | Visualization



Power BI

Data Visualization


Data Entry/storage | Analysis | Visualization


Data Entry


Data Analysis


Database management

ODK and Kobo

Electronic field data collection

MS Packages



Electronic data collection


Big data


Data collection (common for clinical research)


Qualitative data analysis


Qualitative data analysis

Atlas Ti

Qualitative data analysis


At the end of each course/training, learners are in position to use data to solve real-world project or business problems.


Learners receive a personal 24/7 mentor for guidance as well as attending to any issues that might arise during the learning process.


Obtain a certificate to showcase to your potential employers.

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our Leadership team

Nuhuh Mutebi

Data Scientist

Nuhuh is a Data Scientist and heads the data science team at RIDS. He has experience in research, M&E, data management, analytics, visualization and development and deployment of data apps. He is  a dedicated student for life with specialization in analytics, visualization and Machine learning (AI).

Michael Ahimbisibwe


Michael heads the research team. He is a PhD by Research candidate specializing in Agribusiness, environment and renewable energy. He takes  effort to utilize research, IT and data tools to solve farmers’ problems. Michael is an expert in research design, methodology as well as field data collection.

Dr. Makoba Reagan Patrick

Software Architect

Dr. Makoba is a software architect and heads the programming team at RIDS. He is a Medical Doctor and an IT specialist. He has developed software and data products in different firms and organizations both nationally and internationally. He is more than ready to share his experience and curiosity with everyone.

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Join our courses and start building the most wanted skills available today. As data is becoming increasingly available, the need for people who can collect, manage, warehouse, analyze, visualize and develop models is increasing every hour. We make sure every class is easily understood, and that all students reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s data revolution.

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“The capacity building received from ReDEA has helped me automate my M&E tasks with the help of Epicollect5, Stata and EpiData Manager. These guys offer the best.”
Faridah Nakato - M&E Coordinator CECOD
The ReDEA Team introduced a step-b-step approach to data management which enabled me accomplish my data collection activities timely.
Dr. Isaac K
It is a team of young people who are passionate about making a change through data. I can easily entrust them with my data-related activities.
Dr. Gad T